A Time for Change
Not too many years ago, I accepted the chair of the JBC Management Board. I came into the job with a vision of changing the face of the Journal to more accurately reflect our professions today and increase the number and sources of our articles. Our Board was energetic and we all shared the same goals. And, now as I leave the JBC Management Board, it is with a feeling of fulfillment and excitement for the future of the Journal.

We have indeed increased the number of contributions as well as the sources of those articles. We now encourage those outside our fields who use the technologies to write about their experiences. I once commented that as we put the issue to bed, it would be nice to have something between the covers. Well, now we have plenty between the covers of the JBC.

Finally, the most exciting aspect of the emerging Journal is the electronic format we will be using exclusively in the future. This electronic issue of 29.4 will be printed as a single edition early in 2004, and close out the Volume 29 series. We decided to produce a printed issue in order to reach all of our subscribers and guide them to our Web site.

As I leave it is with a little relief and a lot of pride. The ride was bumpy. But, overall it was a good ride. To all of the associations, thank you for the opportunity.

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Roger Poston,
Chair, JBC Management Board
December 31, 2003






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