About the Front Cover...  

The cover collage for this issue incorporates still images from the following winners from the BIOCOMM 2007 Annual Meeting in Tucson (in alphabetical order by artist):

Favosites sp., fossil red Sponge Coral
Norm Barker ©
Johns Hopkins University

Grasshopper (schistocerca)
Peter Barta ©
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Peter Barta ©
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Placenta with Umbilical Cord
Adam Cooper ©
North Shore - LIJ Health System

Red Device
Mary Spano ©
Intstitute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Detection and Protection Against Bio-Chemical Warfare Agents
Bob Turner and Janet Hightower ©
The Scripps Research Institute

Quartz Sample
Bob Turner ©
The Scripps Research Institute

Introduction to Human Genetics
F. Vergaray, N. Lang, K. Wagner ©
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Copyright 2007, The Journal of Biocommunication, All Rights Reserved
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