JBC Purpose

The Journal of Biocommunication (JBC) is a scholarly publication intended to provide objective and useful information to the biocommunication community. This includes the written exchange of formal studies, analyses of experience, evaluation of materials, creative examples of the best in biocommunications, and ideas or opinions contributing to the effective utilization of communications media to improve health-care through education, clinical practice and research.

JBC Goals

  • Serve as an exemplary showcase of biocommunication techniques.
  • Describe reliable current approaches with proven effectiveness as well as innovative and experimental procedures in medical art and illustration, print, film, television, computer, multi-media systems, and digital imaging.
  • Develop communication modalities as applied in the health sciences, along with instructional design and evaluation and storage-retrieval developments related to these applications.
  • Encourage widespread sharing and utilization of validated biocommunication materials.
  • Promote the concept of biocommunication as a profession, carried out by media specialists, librarians, instructional designers and researchers in concert with practicing professionals and health educators.
  • Foster rapport and increased cooperation among biocommunicators at all levels of the profession.
  • Achieve scholarly and scientific acceptance as evidenced by the influence that articles and information have on the course of biocommunication and by contributors receiving professional recognition.


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