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The production of JBC's Volume 30, Number 2, was completed by a new team of Professionals—one familiar with JBC, and one a newcomer. Please join me in welcoming back Joanne Shaw as our Managing Editor (ME). Joanne returns to JBC after a few years hiatus, but resumes her responsibilities with an additional wealth of publishing experience. She now calls Irvine, Calif., her home and I'm sure as ME Joanne would enjoy hearing from our readership. After you have had time to review this issue, please send Joanne your comments at:

And new to our production team is Michael Getz, JBC’s newly-appointed Webmaster. Michael is President of Illumina Interactive, Boston, Mass. As JBC’s Webmaster, Michael is taking on all of the technical responsibilities associated with converting our pre-press materials into the intricate realm of electronic publishing. Michael also is keenly interested in hearing input from our readership. If you have specific comments for him regarding the web site, do not hesitate to contact him via e-mail at:

Thanks to Joanne and Michael, and our Association Editors, starting with this issue the Journal takes on a new look with a revised design of its page layout and color scheme, and with the addition of easier navigational tools to assist in connecting to our various links. With this new visual treatment and ease of navigation, this issue offers a variety of Features, Columns, and of course Calendar, to keep you posted on upcoming activities and meetings.

I also would like to draw special attention to the Gallery which features the winning entries from the Health and Science Communications Association’s (HeSCA) 2004 Media Festival. Up until now, HeSCA’s winners were simply listed with their names and awards, and at best, presented along with a still frame. But now, with the web site’s new capabilities, the Gallery presents not only the data and still image, but hallmarks each award-winning entry with video trailers. This long-overdue ability to view motion media entries will be the standard for presenting all future Galleries. I'm sure you will enjoy this enhanced method of viewing and appreciating our colleagues’ efforts.

Plus, a reminder…Volume 30, Number 3, will be launched in November as the third and final issue for 2004. Later, in January 2005, a compendium of the complete JBC Volume 30 will be printed and mailed to all subscribers. And, as always, these future publications are dependent on everyone’s participation. Submitting papers and images helps document our biocommunication profession and sustains JBC; please consider contributing. This appeal is especially directed to producers of motion media, now that JBC is able to properly present your work via streaming video.

Bob Turner,
Chair, JBC Management Board

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