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I found the first page, a photograph from Volume 1, 1932, JBPA, absolutely fascinating. A photograph taken with a flash bulb!! Of equal interest was the fact that we had advertisements way back then – a source of income I suspect. Over the years, there have been many discussions on whether we should go for advertising – fortunate the opposition has won the day, tempting though it might have been during the years of paucity!!

“Photography Through the Hysteroscope” by Diana M. Kleidon and Krishna B. Singh, was another paper on the use of the endoscope. Of particular interest was the use of different media for clear reproduction. If I recall correctly, the same procedure was used for cystoscopic photography, when a solution of normal saline was introduced into the bladder. However the bladder and the uterus are quite different organs to photograph, the former being far less prone to blood interference.

  Having been involved in setting up operating microscopes for consultants I found Scott Kilbourne’s paper interesting, informative and surprisingly up to date. I was disappointed in the illustrations as I had difficulty orienting myself with the various fields illustrated.

“A systematic Approach to Medical Motion Picture Production – Part 2” by Robert L. Myers, left me breathless!! Having gone through the trauma of producing motion pictures with unco-operative physicians, reluctant to produce a script. I can appreciate his tremendous attention to detail, particularly, initially. As a one-man shop, in which I did everything, it would have made a fun movie just to record me dashing from the blimp to the clapboard and back to the camera yelling “Action.” His attention to detail was/is awe-inspiring and I hope that those involved in movie making (sorry – videography!!) take note because the same attention to detail still applies, regardless of the medium.



With the passing of Peter Hansell, Ron Irvine picks up the pen to continue "25 Years ago in the Journal of Biological Photography" and writes under the pseudonym Scriptor. Irvine is a long-time member of BCA and IMI. He is a Registered Biological Photographer, Fellow of the BCA, and an honorary member of IMI. His e-mail address is irviron@gmail.com

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