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Visualization of the Dental Anatomy of the Narwhal, Monodon

Ethan M. Tyler, et al

A 3D Model of the Brain Segmented from the Visible Human Data Set
Kevin Brennan, et al

Dermoscopic Photography
Daphne Demas

Ten Days at Sea in the Aleutian Islands, Photographic Documentation of a NOAA Research Cruise
Karna McKinney

Digital Image Manipulation; A Matter of Policy
Ken Michaels

Back to the Future - Again
Robin Williams

The Art of Critique: Techniques-based Tools for Critical Thinking
Sandone, Gokaslan, Suk, and Lees

Prepress Issues
Patti Russotti

Virtual Bronchoscopy: Using Game Design Techniques and Technology to Create an Interactive 3D Teaching Tool
Leslie Predy and Marc Dryer

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