RMIT Scientific Photography Program Exhibition

RMIT University (formerly the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Melbourne, Australia is the largest multi-sector university in the country with levels of education from vocational training and degrees up to the PhD level. It has a long tradition of photographic education dating back to 1887 when photography was taught as an adjunct to engineering. In the 1980’s, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Applied Science degrees were established to support the commercial and scientific industries. Graduates from these programs currently work all over the world and in a wide variety of employment. The focus and strength of the program were geared to biomedical photography and photographic science. Graduates have been very successful in biomedical photography in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

RMIT University currently offers PhD, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Scientific Photography through the School of Applied Sciences as well as Bachelor of Arts in scientific photography, commercial illustration and fine art photography through the School of Creative Media.

The work displayed on this page comes from the final year students in the Bachelor of Science, scientific photography program. The images represent a variety of scientific photography and technical illustrations. Their success in the industry is a result of their depth and breadth of knowledge and their intense practice of the craft of photography throughout their time in the three-year degree program.

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