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Welcome to JBC 34-2, our latest issue of the Journal of Biocommunication, a visual celebration of the profession of biomedical communication. We welcome all who view our Journal, and those who continue to shape and mold the JBC through their columns, articles, Showcases, Salons, and Gallery images. Our Journal has become a dynamic online educational product. It is a true synthesis of the articles, ideas, concepts, images, and media from the combined memberships of the ABCD, AIMBI, AMI, BCA.

Our readers are able to take a look back at the profession of medical and scientific photography in Scriptor’s “25 Years Ago in JBPA/JBC.” This retrospective column is always interesting in light of our technological advances through the years. It is noteworthy that while our production tools have changed in twenty-five years, our problem solving ability and skill has been the constant.

We also hope that you enjoy reading this issue’s Viewpoint called “Change,” wherein I take a closer look at the concept of change.

This issue features “The Iconic Pain Assessment Tool: Facilitating the Translation of Pain Sensations and Improving Patient-physician Dialogue” by Émilie McMahon, Linda Wilson-Pauwels, James Henry, Jodie Jenkinson, Brian Sutherland, and Meaghan Brierley. These authors present information relating to a patient’s perception of pain, and how that pain level is objectively and accurately communicated to the clinician.

Bob Turner’s excellent article “Remembering Maria (Ikenberg) Lindberg” is a tribute to Maria Lindberg, a longtime member of BPA/BCA, who passed away on October 7, 2006, in Laguna Hills, California. During her long, productive career as a medical photographer, Maria was recognized for her many professional contributions to the field.

Also featured is my article "The $100 XO Laptop: A Review of A Third-World Educational Effort,” which I wrote following my personal review of this amazing laptop computer. Designed for students in educationally under-served areas of the world, the XO Laptop provides tremendous learning opportunities to primary and secondary students in these impoverished areas.

Our 34-2 Gallery presents the award-wining imagery from the BioCommunications Association’s recent meeting in Rochester, NY. BCA’s annual BioImages Salon showcases their members’ work and gives recognition to their award-winning medical and scientific photographs (and media).

The issue’s Showcase features the 2007 Graduate Exhibition from the Scientific Photography Program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia. RMIT University is one of Australia’s original and leading educational institutions, producing some of Australia’s most employable graduates. We hope that you enjoy this extraordinary imagery.

Sadly, with this issue we must say goodbye to HeSCA, as they have chosen to continue their publishing endeavors through another journal. We have enjoyed their professional interaction, their camaraderie, and friendship through the years as a member of our JBC consortium. We wish them great success.

As a final note, the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics have just concluded. From Australia to North America, I think that we can all be proud of our amazing, gifted athletes and what they have accomplished on this world stage.

My best.

Gary Schnitz, FAMI       
Chair, JBC Management Board


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