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The front cover of Vol. 51 #1 is quite striking, an unstained specimen of a rostellum of tapeworm hooks by Donald E. Fritts, RBP, FBPA. While working in a Pathology Lab, many years ago I, and other members of the staff were offered a reward £5 if we managed to find the head of the worm – not a pleasant task!

The first paper, “Moiré Topography in Medicine,” by James W. Koepfler, left me somewhat confused having never used this particular technique. I contacted Gigi Williams, (a BCA member who works and lives in Australia) who referred me to a later issue of the Journal, Vol 58, #4 October 1990, which contained a great article by husband Robin and herself that made it all clear, and I suggest that interested readers follow this up and be enlightened.

This paper is followed by “ Rasterstereography: A Photogrammetric Method for Measurement of Body Surfaces,” by W. Frobin and E. Hierholzer, which complimented the previous paper very well indeed.

It is sad that so few papers were submitted for the Journal, this is just one of the hazards of being the Editor – we are fortunate to have the present one.

Postscript: On the occasion of this - my final offering of "25 Years Ago" I would like to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts. The BioCommunications Association has always meant a lot to me. The members have been my mentors over the years, and I have made many good long-lasting friends. Sadly, many are no longer with us - but what can one expect at 81 years young? It has been fun writing about the past, and I feel very honored that Peter Hansell thought I should take over from him as author of this column. I wish my successor, Gene McDermott, all the best and hope that he gets as much enjoyment from this endeavor as I have.



With the passing of Peter Hansell, Ron Irvine picks up the pen to continue "25 Years ago in the Journal of Biological Photography" and writes under the pseudonym Scriptor. Irvine is a long-time member of BCA and IMI. He is a Registered Biological Photographer, Fellow of the BCA, and an honorary member of IMI. His e-mail address is irviron@gmail.com


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