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The images on this page were produced by students enrolled in the Biomedical Photographic Communications(BPC) program at the Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, NY.

The BPC program granted its first degree in 1972, and since that time has graduated more than 675 students. The program is currently the only one of its type in the US offering a curriculum exploring photography, imaging and communications in the life sciences. Students take courses in the fundamentals of scientific photography including close-up photography, medical photography, biological photography, photography under ultraviolet and infrared radiation, photomicrography, ophthalmic photography and public relations photography. Additionally the curriculum requires courses in desktop and web publishing, multimedia production including the use of Adobe Flash® as well as digital audio and video production. Students must also take a number of courses in the liberal arts, sciences and mathematics. These might include calculus and a variety of biology courses. A work-study block is also required for graduation. There are currently 75 students in this specialized program of study.

The BPC program is part of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, which offered its first photography classes in 1902. Graduates of biomed—as it is often referred to—have found successful careers working as imaging experts for companies such as Zeiss, Topcon, Nikon, Canon, Kodak and Xerox. They also work as ophthalmic photographers and can be found across the entire nation working in prestigious major medical centers such as UCLA, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Harvard, Columbia Presbyterian, and many other private clinics and group practices. Graduates can also find employment in biological research imaging facilities, pharmaceutical companies and in forensic imaging bureaus. Please feel free to visit the student maintained website at biomed.rit.edu.


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