About This Special Issue: Artists' Rights




The Journal of Biocommunication is proud to offer articles in support of artists’ rights, authorship, intellectual property, and creativity within the scope of our academic publication endeavors. Perhaps no topics in recent years have so solidified the creative community against what some have been termed “abuses” by publishing companies and others.

In developing their articles, JBC authors may have used a variety of resources including books, scholarly articles, published reviews, on-line blogs, wikis, editorial essays, commentary, and other written Internet columns. Articles and other content published by the JBC undergo a rigorous peer-review process by our Editors to ensure accuracy, balance, objectivity, independence, and professional relevance. The JBC Editors are acknowledged and respected leaders in their fields and, during the review process, they consult sources believed to be reliable in an effort to provide information that is both complete and in accordance with professional standards.

While the JBC supports authors’ rights to their individual opinions, please know the Journal may not agree with each and every statement made by our contributors. Readers are encouraged to authenticate the information published in the JBC with other reliable sources of their choosing. The views expressed in JBC articles are those of their authors, and may not necessarily reflect the belief, opinion, or policy of the Journal of Biocommunication, or that of the JBC consortium’s member Associations.

The JBC has served as the professional journal for numerous biocommunication associations for 36 years, and has strived to support the contemporary thinking of those member organizations. Individuals with opposing views or other comments are encouraged to submit these in writing to the JBC Management Board Chair, Gary Schnitz.

We take our role seriously, and appreciate the opportunity to present our position on this important issue.

Gary Schnitz, CMI, FAMI       
Chair, JBC Management Board


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