25 Years Ago in JBPA/JBP

Eugene McDermott RBP, FBPA

JBP Vol. 53, # 1 marks a special collaboration between the Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration (IMBI) and the BPA. In addition to the Journal being sent to all BPA members, it will also go to the approximately six hundred members of IMBI, our sister organization based in Great Britain. Barbara Katzenberg, guest editor, for this issue points out that this journal sharing can benefit and enrich both organizations. 
The most detailed article in this issue (eleven pages) was written by Dr Leon J. Le Beau and is entitled, “Evaluation of the Medical-Dental-Bio-Macro-Bracket for small object photography.”  As a microbiologist and photographer Leon wanted to share a standardized method of multiple electronic flash illumination for a wide variety of biological subjects.  The article provides diagrams and details on how to set up and photograph a wide variety of subjects including: insects, lesions, and Petri Plates.  Each technique is illustrated with a clear line drawing. Leon does clearly state though, that the macro brackets can be
“………difficult to use and a studio type, fixed set up, would work better.” This article is the seventh in a series by Dr. LeBeau dealing with small object photography. The first of these appeared in Vol. 44.


The cover article, “Development of an Imaging System for Ophthalmic Photography”, by ophthalmic photographer Joseph Warnicki deals with his collaboration with a computer-imaging firm to develop an electronic system for imaging the eye. This computer imaging allows for some special studies of the eye and offers some insight into how much computers will impact the future of Biomedical Imaging.

In the column, New Products, Gordon Brown shares his thoughts about still cameras (electronic and film) displayed at Photokina in Cologne Germany. After reviewing some of the new electronic cameras having only 280,000 pixels and at best yielding a low-resolution image, Gordon states “it will be a long, long time before digital images come close to those obtained by conventional film cameras.” His column cites an editorial from JCTN (Japan Camera Trade News) that warns the industry not to pay too much attention to this new digital stuff or people will think it is good and will not buy the current film cameras.  It was interesting to read this (written 25 years ago), and think that today I no longer own a film camera.



Eugene McDermott RBP, FBPA, is retired in Surprise, Arizona after a long career in Medical Photography. He enjoys digital photography and especially being able to make 13 by 19 color prints without a darkroom or chemicals. He has an opportunity to do some teaching with the Life Long Learning Center, but his greatest joy is his visits with his eleven grandchildren. tomred@cox.net


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