VOLUME 32 / NUMBER 3 / 2007
25 Years Ago in JBPA/JBP  



Some BCA members may remember Dr. Richard Byrne’s Keynote address at the Annual Meeting at Boston in 1980. The text of this memorable address can be found in JBP Vol. 49 #2. One of his many quotes that has always stuck in my mind was “We’re in a communication revolution. It’s a technological renaissance unprecedented in human experience.” A prophetic statement indeed!

Entomologists would find Brian J. Spenceley’s paper on “Wide-range, Digital Intervalometers for Camera Control” of particular interest. Not being a physicist, I found the text a little complex except for his discussion of an integrated circuit, which is a low power CMOS device. A very clever idea.

Howard J. Radzyner’s paper on “Polaroid Type 611 Video Image Recording Land Film for Copying Radiographs” caught my attention simply because I had very little luck with Polaroid film – of any sort. It was unreliable and thus proved expensive. However Mr. Radzyner proves that it does work, but I wonder at what cost.

Jerome P. O’Neill new products section always interests me. During the 70’s and 80’s so many new products were appearing on the market, and there was nowhere better to see them than at “Photokina.” I noticed the then new 120mm f/4 Medical-Nikkor. I wonder how many are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere!! The one camera that caused me to salivate all over my keyboard was the Rollei SL 2000 F, what a wonderful camera that was to add to the professional’s photo bag.


With the passing of Peter Hansell, Ron Irvine picks up the pen to continue "25 Years ago in the Journal of Biological Photography" and writes under the pseudonym Scriptor. Irvine is a long-time member of BCA and IMI. He is a Registered Biological Photographer, Fellow of the BCA, and an honorary member of IMI. His e-mail address is irviron@gmail.com.

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