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With the release of JBC 35-3 we complete our Volume 35 calendar year, and look forward to the launch of the first issue of Volume 36 already in development. With the launch of 35-3, we have now published our 19th electronic Journal. Past issues have celebrated the award-winning imagery not only from our own Association members, but many other groups as well. Article topics found within these 19 issues have ranged from molecular modeling techniques to the illustrations of Bernard Siegfried Albinus.

This issue features three articles including “Getting the Most Out of the Protein Data Bank” written by noted author and molecular illustrator David Goodsell.  Dr. Goodsell’s resourceful article introduces the online Protein Data Bank archive (PDB) to our readers, and describes it as the primary repository for the atomic structures of biologically important molecules. These PDB structures are available for use free of charge, and thus provide an invaluable resource to illustrators, photographers, and educators in the biological and molecular sciences. The Protein Data Bank structures may pose some challenges for the non-expert user. Goodsell discusses several of these challenges, and offers some ideas for how to approach them.

Also included is the article “Abram Belskie, Sculptor, and the Famous American Sculptors With Whom He Worked” written by medical illustrator, author, and watercolorist, Robert J. Demarest. Mr. Demarest beautifully describes Abram Belskie’s life as it began in London, England. Belskie was born to Jewish parents, who had emigrated to England from Russia. He later pursued a degree at the Glasgow School of Art, and was greatly influenced by countless artists and sculptors throughout his long and prolific career.

We also feature “Nancy Grahame Joy: Envisioning Our Future” authored by Jennifer A. Polk and Shelley L. Wall.  The authors pay tribute to the extraordinary legacy of Nancy Joy, who was Chair of Art as Applied to Medicine at the University of Toronto from 1962 to 1985. Ms. Joy was an influential leader in shaping medical illustration as an academic discipline in Canada. Her approach to visual communication enhanced the standards of academic teaching material at the University and elsewhere. As many of our readers know, Ms. Joy was responsible for most of the original line drawings in Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy.

A book review of David Goodsell’s book, The Machinery of Life is featured in this issue as well. Jim Perkins, who wrote this insightful review, notes that Goodsell’s book “a wonderful introduction to the world of molecules and cells for the nonscientist, but it also serves as a handy refresher and an enjoyable read for those already well versed in molecular and cell biology.” This is a thorough review complete with some of Goodsell’s wonderful imagery.

Our JBC Showcase features some of the best images submitted for the annual Great Backyard Bird Count photo competition sponsored by the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology and the Audubon Society. Tucked amid the trees and wetlands of Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary in Ithaca, New York, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a testament to human curiosity and a passion for learning about and protecting nature. More than 200 students and staff work there in pursuit of the Cornell Lab’s mission: interpreting and conserving the earth’s biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds.

Our Gallery features the award winning illustrations and media from the 64th AMI Annual Meeting in Richmond, VA. Congratulations to all the AMI Salon winners.

It is our ongoing goal and our hope to inspire you and to enhance your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of biocommunication, medical illustration, bioscientific photography, and medical media. Please let us know how we're doing.

Gary Schnitz, FAMI       
Chair, JBC Management Board


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