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With the fall season upon us (at least in the northern hemisphere), we are witnessing many changes. Our weather shifts to cooler temperatures, trees' foliage slowly dissolves to dramatic hues, and professionally speaking, we settle into busier schedules, especially as the holidays approach. And so, too, many changes are taking place within the JBC arena.

It is with regret JBC bids farewell to its Managing Editor, Joanne Shaw. Her professional responsibilities at the University of California, Irvine have been ever increasing in the past few months, forcing her to step away from JBC. We extend a sincere and grateful “thank you” to Joanne for her contributions to the Journal and wish her the very best with her future endeavors and personal challenges.

Another JBC change is the appointment of Joe Ogrodnick as Managing Editor for Volume 31’s next issue, Number 3. Joe is certainly no stranger to directing journal production; he has better than 16 years experience at the helm of the Journal of Biophotography. We look forward to seeing Joe’s contributions in the final issue of JBC Volume 31.

In the meantime, this issue has a myriad of biocommunication offerings. The four features include: Michael Hughes’ and Craig Luce’s “Depicting the Anterior Eye in Two and Three Dimensions, Part Two: Iris, Limbus and Sclera”; James A. Perkins’ “A History of Molecular Representation Part 2: The 1960s – Present”; Linda K. Larkey’s (et. al.) “Test of a Low-Literacy Video Guide for the Harvard Cancer Risk Index-G (HCRI-G)”; and George Reis’ “Forensic Imaging—An Overview.” The columns include another historical review of technologies by Scriptor in “25 Years Ago”; “Calendar and Association News” provides updates on future annual meetings of our professional societies, along with technology updates; the Gallery displays the award-winning entries from the BioCommunication Association’s 2005 BioImages competition; and, finally, the second Showcase hallmarks the elegant photomicrography of Michael Peres.

And all of these features, columns, announcements and news, Gallery, and Showcase help demonstrate the changes taking place in our profession. Changes that will cause us to be more informed, to be better prepared to adjust to future challenges, and to be better biocommunicators. Enjoy.

Bob Turner,
Chair, JBC Management Board

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