VOLUME 31 / NUMBER 3 / 2005 

About the Front Cover...


Images used in this issue’s cover illustration are from the following award-winning Media Festival entries from the Health and Science Communications Association (HeSCA) 2005 annual meeting:

© ERC Media, Royal Children's Hospital
Rob Grant, Producer

Fight Malaria
© Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership
Arie Noboa, Producer

CancerStory: What is Cancer?
© Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Bill Johnson, Producer

Molly and Jeramy: Relationships, Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury
© Aquarius Health Care Videos
Anilise Hemman, Producer

Orthodontic Diagnosis
© Instructional Multimedia Services, McGill University
Mark Foerster, Producer

An Animated Guide to Orthopedic Conditions
© Visible Productions, Inc.
Adam Finkelstein, Producer

Copyright 2005, The Journal of Biocommunication, All Rights Reserved

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