VOLUME 31 / NUMBER 3 / 2005 

Gigi and RobinWilliams

Gigi Williams

Gigi Williams is the Director of the Educational Resource Centre (ERC) at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is a Fellow of three learned societies; the Royal Photographic Society (UK), the BioCommunications Association (USA) and the Australian Institute of Medical & Biological Illustration(AIMBI).

She has over 20 years of experience as a practitioner and manager, during which she has also held a number of offices in AIMBI including that of National President. Over the years she has been recognized with a number of awards, scholarships and prizes, that have spanned three principal areas of professional activity – photomicrography, photogrammetry, and invisible radiation imaging (infrared and ultraviolet photography).

Her investigation into invisible radiation photography in medicine, and her work in this area resulted in a 50,000-word thesis for her Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society. This was followed by a number of papers for various journals including the seminal series in the Journal of the Biological Photography from 1993 to 1994, which is among the most cited references in the field. She was a recipient of a BCA’s best oral paper award and that organization’s H. Lou Gibson award for best published paper in this field.

As a manager she has successfully transformed a public sector service to a cost-effective high quality customer oriented business, growing it three-fold, and as a result was nominated Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2000. The department provides photography, graphic design, medical illustration, video, multimedia and website development to the Royal Children’s Hospital and the wider community. This partial cost recovery model enables over 50% of the budget to be generated from external sources and therefore subsidizes the work for the hospital. Her team, of over twenty individuals, have won numerous awards both nationally and internationally.

Gigi is the author of 13 papers or chapters in international refereed journals or books and has presented 26 original papers at national and international conferences. In October 2004 she was awarded the Chairman’s medal, one of the highest honors bestowed by the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Robin Williams

In 1992 Robin Williams was appointed the first full Professor at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia's leading technology-based University) and for six years was the Head of the Department of Visual Communication. He brought about the Department's growth from a small school of photography to a large and diverse organization encompassing education and research in digital sound and video, interactive multimedia, animation, advertising, design, photography and film.

In 1998, Robin was appointed the Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Communication. This position involved the direction, management and academic leadership of one of the largest and most comprehensive faculties of its kind in the world.

As a photographic practitioner he has been the leading exponent of standardization, measurement by photography, and photography with invisible radiation. His knowledge, experience and qualifications have led him to be a consultant on medical, scientific and forensic imaging around the world. He has been actively involved in the educational process in the UK, the USA, and Australia, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students on all three continents.

Robin has presented over 350 papers at National and International conferences on a wide variety of subjects and is the author of over 70 published papers, chapters, or books. He is the recipient of many awards, including seven for best paper presented at international conferences, and three for the best published paper. He is also the recipient of: The Williamson Research Medal of the Royal Photographic Society, The Lancet Award, The BMJ Award, The Medical Education Award, the Presidential Award of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Louis Schmidt Award of the BioCommunications Association. Robin is unique in having twice been awarded The Combined Royal Colleges Medal - given by all the Royal Medical Colleges for an outstanding contribution of imaging in the service of medicine.


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